The Storm Network


TSN brings together projects with multiple intelligence sharing motivation to application in human, financial and technological development.

Our three business units work together to achieve positive social impact in a global context where the ongoing digital revolution faces extreme climatic and cultural challenges.

We believe a favorable eco-system exists in Latin America for the development of an increasingly sustainable economy allowing our empowerment as individuals and as societies.


Tatiana Correa da Fonseca

Founder partners of Beyond, partner in The Storm Network and member of the Investment Committee. Graduated in economics with masters in impact investing and sustainability, was the founding partner from Quintessa and a central.

René Labarthe

Partner at Beyond and founding partner of The Storm Network, focused on design strategy, development and launching of digital products. Entrepreneur driven by innovation and sustainability, AI-thinker and Blockchain.

Helmut Fladt

Partner and member of the Investment Committee Involved with innovation, startups and co-funder of Plug, pioneer initiative in collaborative workspaces. Has long historic in investment banking, turn around and impact investing.

Mariano Lopez Hermida

Co-Director Creativo de The Storm network. Co-fundador de Remoto Design Studio. Artista-Curador con base en Buenos Aires. Formación académica en arte y comunicación.

Ezequiel Cuesta

Industrial Designer. Growth Plataform strategies. Teacher of the university of Buenos Aires BA. World Cyber Games Organizer (WCG). Blockchain Believer.

Pablo Lobo

Entrepreneur with a background in urban economic development, art and blockchain technology.